Creative Gifts

Creative Gifts

Creative Gifts for Employees


Engraved business award
Creative Custom Gift

Creative gifts that are personalized, elegant, and affordable make excellent presentation awards for holiday ceremonial events. Custom products, professionally crafted and designed, are easily transformed from ‘run-of-the-mill’ to ‘turn every head on the hill’ instantly. Our artistic engravers use state of the art engraving equipment to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their finished products. Buying personalized creative gifts online can be fun, when you are dealing with the friendly and informative employees at Donelson Trophy.

Employee Holiday Gift
Corporate Holiday Wine Gift

Personalized gifts for any occasion are available in a wide variety of fashionable creative ways. For the executive types, and those who enjoy the great outdoor activities afforded by their corporate endeavors, there are sophisticated custom apparel items. Luggage totes, golf bags, caps, drink ware, and office decor items are all great gift ideas that are easily customized for the professional business men and women in the executive world. With design-themes such as tournament golf, yachting, fishing, and wild-life it is quite simple enough to find the perfect representation you are looking for. Matching the right creative gift to the recipient is just the beginning. Adding that perfect final touch of custom engraving is what takes it to the highest level and turns those heads at presentation events around the globe. And it’s easy, affordable, and guaranteed.

Creative Office Gift
Personalized Desk Set

Gift box sets are becoming quite popular for employee appreciation awards now, and include useful items such as custom-engraved coffee cups, key chains, bottle-openers, and pens. Personalized creative gifts that are created to go together, such as an office clock with matching picture frame, card-holder, and paperweight, are great ideas for the finicky employee who wants everything to be coordinated.



Artistic Glass Award
Creative Art Glass Gift


Artistic glass and crystal creations are beautifully creative gifts, and promote uniqueness like only they can.  Bright stream-line colors and curves, they embody the essence of creative design and bold presence.  With or without a base, artistic glass awards are certain to be cherished gifts for many years after the celebration is over.

Creative and unique gifts offer so much when it comes to finding the perfect award solutions. From classic traditional gifts to modern new age designs, they are timeless renditions of what makes gift-giving so treasured. Custom gifts reflect the deeper level of appreciation that is so cherished by the people they are gifted to. The sincerity of recognition is demonstrated by the time invested in choosing gifts that creatively represent and honor the recipients.

We are here to help you select the best creative gifts for all occasions, and guarantee our quality products and professional services.

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