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Corporate Award Plaques

Corporate Award Plaques

Corporate Award Plaques
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Custom Recognition Plaque
Corporate Award Plaque

When shopping for corporate award plaques the choices are many! From brightly colored glass to traditional dazzling crystal to polished metal and sophisticated wood, corporate award plaques offer variety, pizzazz, and elegance! Custom personalization tools and professional engravers are turning corporate award plaques into products that really get the office talking! When it comes to awarding top-performing corporate employees for all of their hard work and dedication, do it with quality custom award products that truly honor and recognize but don’t cost a small fortune! At Donelson Trophy, this is what we deliver. Years of experience in the award plaque industry have taught us a lot, and we are here to share our knowledge with you as you choose the perfect corporate awards for your business celebration events.

Corporate Plaque

Corporate Award plaques and other personalized executive gifts all share a few common characteristics. One, they are often designed with iconic business-world emblems such as stars, globes, diamonds, peaks, and soaring eagles. Deep rich colors like indigo blue and cherry red are sometimes used to spice up the award plaques, while some are designed with sleek silver, shiny black, and detailed wood tones. The choices are endless when it comes to putting together the unique corporate award plaques that will be displayed in thousands of offices in thousands of places!

Be sure to browse our online store for more ideas on how creative and versatile corporate award plaques can be! And don’t hesitate to give us a call if you would like to speak with us on the phone. We look forward to doing business with you.

Award Plaques

Award Plaques

Award Plaques

Custom Award Plaque

Custom recognition awards, such as plaques, have set many standards on how corporations give gifts of appreciation to their top-performing employees. Engraved plaque awards can be found on display in nearly every business across the globe. And they are not the ‘same-old’ plaques of day’s gone by. They are better in quality, better in design, and better in possibilities. Thanks to the laser engraving industry, personalization of plaques is reaching a new level in the awards business. Custom plaques are being made from materials now that are more durable, more exceptional in visual appeal, and more versatile in the ways that they are personalized.

Award Plaque Cherry Wood

Classic award plaques are available in a rich assortment of wood grains, the most popular of which are Walnut, Cherry, Alder, and Rosewood. Piano finish is also a nice option for custom award plaques, as well as marble and acrylic art designs. Top-grade acrylic is commonly used with wood to create plaque awards that offer even more variety for custom personalized recognition awards. Accents such as the star, globe, and diamond are frequently used in the design of many corporate and executive award plaques. Athletic award plaques also incorporate sport-related accents to add dimension and professional custom appeal. The options for fine award plaques are nearly endless, and make it easy and affordable to give gifts of recognition that will last.

Acrylic Art Plaque

Acrylic art award plaques are some of the latest custom award products, and add a creative and colorful spin to the more traditional designs. Bright lively patterns and shapes bring these acrylic plaques to a fun new level of recognition.

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