Crystal Cube Paperweights and Awards

Crystal Cube Paperweights and Awards

Crystal Cube Paperweights are an excellent gift choice because they offer such an endless selection of possibilities as far as what can be engraved inside of them!  Whether it’s a family photo, business logo, company name, beloved pet, or special event keepsake, crystal cube paperweights continue to be a number one sales item in the industry.  Let us look at just a few crystal gift ideas, how they are used, and how they are made!

Very few award products can compare with Optic Crystal cube paperweights when looking for classical gifts for any and every occasion!  A quick browse through our Crystal cube paperweight collection will quickly show you exactly what I mean.  What do you want to have etched inside?  Are you looking for an athletic crystal award, something that the honored recipient will actually use, rather than just another trophy award to stick in a cabinet?  Our custom crystal paperweights are available with nearly any athletic figure you can imagine.  Does your crystal gift need to be personalized for a music lover?  Nature lover?  Animal lover?  Perhaps you are searching for a unique way to capture a favorite photograph that will last forever and be used every day.  3-D Crystal Cube paperweights can make it happen.
So how do we do it?  Just send us a picture that is both clear and bright.  We take your photograph and map it so to speak with special computer software that allows our designers to replicate that image into the crystal.  Using the latest and greatest 3d laser process, we then direct the laser beams to make inclusions, or marks, into the crystal.  This is done precisely, one previously mapped dot at a time, until they are all connected, and wala, a three dimensional custom crafted laser beam production is born!!

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