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Custom Cast Metal Trophy

Custom Cast Metal Trophy

Custom Cast Trophy

Cast Resin vs Cast Metal

Cast Trophy Cup Gold

The process of casting, when making trophies, is an interesting one.  Custom cast trophies and awards have come a long way since the first hand-carved trophy cup was forged.  Casting metal and plastic for trophies has opened the door to new and exciting award creations that can be custom engraved quickly, affordably, and in larger quantities than before.   The ingredients used to cast are what determines the price of the finished product. If the custom cast award is made of a mixture of plastic or wood components they are called cast resin trophies. If the cast award is made of a metal or mix of metals it is called a cast metal trophy. The type of metal used determines the price of the cast metal award. Prices are directly influenced by the materials, and the grade of those materials, that are used to cast the awards.

Custom silver metal cup
Cast Metal Trophy

Custom cast metal trophies are made of metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc, magnesium, or an alloy mix of several metals. High-end cast awards are made of platinum, gold, silver, pewter, bronze, and crystal. For this article, on custom cast awards, we will only discuss cast trophies that are made of metal and/or plastic. Custom cast metal trophies, whether middle-priced or high-end, all offer their own advantages. Made of metal, they are heavier than the cast resin awards. The metals used are also chosen to not rust or tarnish, or not as quickly, as cheap low grade trophies. The more precious metals, like platinum and gold, will be the most rust and tarnish proof of course. Cast metal trophies are also able to be sculpted in many designs because they are made of molten metals that easily conform to detailed molds. Once the cast metal material has cooled and hardened it becomes a long-lasting prized trophy. And again, as with rust and tarnish, the more precious the metal, the harder the custom cast trophy.

Cast Resin Trophy
Custom Cast Resin Award

Custom cast resin awards are more affordable because they are not made of the higher-end precious metals such as bronze, platinum, and gold. They are made, however, to be durable awards. The plastic and/or wood mixtures that are used are made specifically for the trophy casting process. After the molds are created and cooled they are either painted, plated, or stained. Cast resin awards and trophies are often plated in tones of gold, silver, pewter, and bronze. They are lightweight and offer a large selection in variety.

Personalized cast metal and resin trophies, with custom engraving and professional design, are outstanding recognition awards for absolutely ANY event or occasion! They can be as high-dollar or as economical as needed. The number of ways that they can be customized and engraved and made is nearly endless. Pick a material, a shape, a design, a color, a size, a logo, an image, and put them all together! A new custom cast trophy is born.

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