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Custom Awards & Promotional Gifts

Custom Awards & Promotional Gifts

A custom award offers something that only a personalized product can, and that is creative freedom. The ability to take an otherwise standard and perhaps even ordinary product and turn it into a uniquely designed award is opening the door to new creative gifts every day. Customers are finding out how easy it is to add the personal touch to their awards that make them truly one of a kind. They are enjoying the ability to build their own trophies, so to speak. And it’s not just trophies! Custom awards range from personalized plaques to artistic glass gifts to custom engraved acrylics. Personalization tools for such things as embroidery, sandblasting, engraving, etching, and sublimation are better than ever. The difference in the engraving technique depends on the material being lasered. The process that works best on one type of award will not necessarily work on another product. Custom gift designers can produce personalized awards quickly, affordably, and with the pinpoint accuracy that guarantees absolute customer satisfaction. They know the ‘tricks of the trade’ needed to produce the uniquely customized awards that customers want. We’ve come a long way since custom logo pins and dog tags.

Personalized products like custom awards are not only made for recognition gifts but also for promotions.

Companies and individuals alike are taking advantage of the benefits of customization when it comes to promoting both business and personal mission goals. Professional marketeers know well the power of using gift awards to advertise and promote company logos and objectives. Custom glass and acrylic awards are often used in this fashion, as well as custom resins, pins, lapels, and banners. Custom trophies are not only personalized but also many times a combination of different materials, symbols, and logos. Custom awards can be uniquely designed to be contemporary, flashy, artistic, professional, or any other style a customer chooses. One of a kind awards utilize the many shapes, sizes, and colors that are available. Then depending on what occasion or event is being celebrated the additional personalization details are added. The variety of quality customized awards possible for both recognition and corporate promotions is truly endless.

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